Gwen McCausland
(605) 688-4581

Gwen McCausland received her bachelor’s degree from North Dakota State University and added a master’s degree from Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales.  She has over 10 years of experience working in museums and other non-profits, specializing in collections care and exhibit design.  She has worked in institutions such as the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada, The Hubbard Museum of the American West, New Mexico, and the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, Minnesota.

Besides her museum experience, Gwen has deep roots in agriculture.  Descended from a long line of farmers, she grew up in North Dakota on a small sheep farm and in her father’s veterinary clinic.  Gwen was very active in 4-H and FFA in her youth showing livestock and participating in achievement days.  She is passionate about fiber arts, gardening, and the importance of supporting local producers.

Michelle Glanzer
Patron Services Coordinator

(605) 688-4583

Originally from the Bronx, New York, Michelle Glanzer has been with the museum since 1982.  Michelle has her Bachelor of Science in History & Speech from South Dakota State University.  She has worked in various positions at the museum including Registrar, Curator of Collections, and Photo Archivist.  Her current position as Patron Services Coordinator includes handling all aspects of the museum membership program, Buyer/ Manger for the Museum Store, manages the SD Agricultural Heritage Museum Publishing House, and coordinates any private event held at the museum. The Patron Service Coordinator provides leadership and vision for the development and implementation of operations that have a direct impact on the public and helps build revenue. This position ensures that income initiatives produced by the Museum on or off-site are represented in accordance with the Museum’s mission, policies, and procedures.

Dawn Stephens
Exhibits Coordinator
(605) 688-5904

Dawn Stephens received her bachelor’s degree from South Dakota State University.  She has been with the museum for 20 years.  Dawn is responsible for developing exhibits, maintaining the gallery spaces and working with the educational coordinator to develop the interpretive plan for the museum.  She assists with summer agricultural outreach demonstrations, marketing and graphics. The Exhibits Coordinator provides leadership and vision in the development and the implementation of innovative in-house and traveling exhibitions for the SD Agricultural Heritage Museum. This position ensures that exhibitions displayed at the Museum are researched, displayed and represented in accordance with the Museum’s mission, policies, and procedures.

Carrie Van Buren
Collections Coordinator
(605) 688-4436

Carrie Van Buren worked in museums for over 35 years.  Her museum career began during her undergraduate years at SUNY-Oswego, as a work-study student in the university art gallery and in the university archives. While at Oswego she earned degrees in History and Art History.  At Eastern Illinois University, she earned an MA in Historical Administration.  This degree prepares students to find employment in museums, archives, historic preservation, and similar public history entities.  In 1985, Carrie came to SD and worked for the SD State Historical Society and then the SD Agricultural Heritage Museum.  At the Ag Museum, she has been responsible for collections care and management. She also manages the museum’s Photograph and Postcard Archive, Beckman Archive and reference library. The Collections Coordinator develops, reviews and implements the collections management program policies and procedures in compliance with the American Alliance of Museums “best practices” standards for the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum.

Jess Burke
Education Coordinator
(605) 688-4582

From Georgia, Jess received her Bachelors of Arts in History with a minor in Geography, as well as her Masters in Advanced Studies in History from Georgia College and State University. Jess has over 6 years of experience in the Museum field, previously serving as the Education Coordinator for Georgia College and State University’s Academic Outreach. While in Georgia, Jess also served as a program facilitator, docent, and researcher for Lockerly Arboretum and its historic 19th century plantation home Rose Hill. Jess was the lead researcher of Rose Hill’s agricultural and slave history under the Daniel Tucker era of ownership, locating and compiling previously unknown data, and completing the arboretum’s historic registry files with her undergraduate thesis.  At the Ag Museum Jess is responsible for developing and implementing innovative programs, events, partnerships and educational and engagement initiatives that enhance the Museum’s educational impact in the community and helps build audience. This position ensures that educational initiatives produced by the Ag Museum on or off-site are researched and represented in accordance with the Ag Museum’s mission, policies, and procedures. The Education Coordinator also serves as the volunteer coordinator and works with the Exhibits Coordinator in developing the interpretive plan for the museum.