Awarded $15,000 grant for Window Restoration

The South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum received $15,000 grant from the Deadwood Historic Preservation Fund to restore the windows of the Stock Judging Pavilion. The Pavilion is on the National Register for Historic Places, being one of the few remaining stock pavilions on land grant universities in the country. Celebrating its centennial year, the Pavilion will have all of the windows restored and replace the missing storm windows starting in August. The estimated cost for the project is $170,000. The museum will be closed for the month of September 2018 to focus on this project and other building remodeling projects.

“We are working closely with the State Historic Preservation Office to ensure that we comply with the Secretary of Interior Standards for Historic Preservation,” stated Gwen McCausland, Director of the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum. “The building is our largest artifact and we need to properly preserve its historical integrity while still having it function as a public museum.”

Built in 1918, the Stock Judging Pavilion provided classrooms for animal husbandry courses and show arenas for livestock shows. In 1925, the college built an addition that included a meats lab. The animal science department continued to use the building until the 1970s. The South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum moved in and restored the exterior to how it was in 1925. The museum is celebrating the building’s centennial milestone with summer events. See for details.