Brookings’ Tires Receives National Recognition

The saying, “they’re not what they used to be” may hold some truth to certain topics or objects, but not tires. Back in the early nineteen hundreds, tires were not anywhere near as durable as they are today. Buying tires a long time ago required a lot of money, and they were not the most reliable. Brictson Manufacturing Company, located in Brookings, entered the national tire market with their Brictson Tire on May 18, 1913 when a prominent magazine called “Collier’s, The National Weekly” published an article on the new tire. Now, this tire was not exactly a tire, but more of a cover for a tire. The device is composed of a layer of tanned chrome leather, five layers of selected tire fabric, and a layer of very excellent leather. Driven into the surface of the cover are steel studs and rivets that cover the entire surface that comes into contact with the road in order to protect the original tire as much as possible. #AgMuseum #What’sNewWednesday #KeepOnRollin