You’d “Butter” Believe it!

Dairying and Creamery Butter production has remained an important industry for South Dakota farmers for many years.  Between 1936 and 1940, the gross farm income from dairy products in South Dakota averaged 16.5%.  From 1937 to 1941 South Dakota averaged 40,280,000 pounds of butter production a year.  In 1940, there were 114 operating creameries in South Dakota because at one time it was common for smaller communities to have their own local creameries.   Currently there are 14 Milk Processing Plants in South Dakota.  These three butter cartons from creameries in Hamlin, Lake and Brookings counties remain in our artifact collection. Who knew butter packaging could be so beautiful!

Lily Brand (Estelline, SD) 1991:186:007, John Awald, Ramona Creamery (Ramona, SD) 1998:0066:001, William Lee, and Elkton Creamery (Elkton, SD) 1998:094:001, Brandt Family #WhatsNewWednesday #ButterCartons #Creamery #LocalCreamery #Dairy