Butter Churn

Here is an item that is a recent donation to our collections. It is salt-glazed stoneware butter churn. It has a cobalt blue design (two leaves hanging from the twig) in the center of the churn. The churn also came with a salt-glazed lid with a hole in the middle for the dasher to be inserted. Below the leaves on the churn is an oval stamp with the words “A. Mittelstaedt Milbank, So. Dakota.” After doing some research, we found that “A” stands for Arthur. Arthur and Harold Mittelstaedt were the proprietors of Mittelstaedts, one of the largest general department stores in Milbank. It had several departments, including a complete grocery. The business started in 1894. If you know more information about the Mittlestaedt store, please contact our Collections Coordinator Carrie Van Buren at 605-688-4436 or Carrie.VanBuren@SDSTATE.EDU. #What’sNewWednesday