Spearfish Canyon Cowbell

This cowbell is an artifact from Spearfish Canyon. It is associated with the old Latchstring Inn.
In 1893, the Tie & Timber Company had a saw mill in Spearfish Canyon. A log office was built across the road for the operator of the mill. In 1906, the small log building became the Glendoris Inn, run by Glen and Dorothy Inglis. In 1919, Martha Railsback and Maude Watts became owners of the town of Savoy and the Glendoris. They renamed the inn The Latchstring Inn, for the old fashioned door latches. They operated the Inn until 1948, when Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith, purchased the Inn. In 1965, the inn was sold to Tom, Judy, and Esther Woodworth. They ran the Latchstring Inn until 1989. Today the Latchstring Inn is known as Spearfish Canyon Lodge. #WhatsNewWednesday

cowbell 2