Cowboy art

Cowboy art is a term used to describe folk art pieces created by ranch hands during their off work time. This hand-carved horticultural collection, created in the late 19th or early 20th century includes a peach half with its stone, half an apple, and a seed that looks like a pumpkin seed.  The peach measures 3 ½” X 2 ¾” and has light red paint highlights near the pit. The apple has a small stem and leaves and the skin is realistically painted red stripes.  It measures 4 ¼” X 3 ¾”.  The 2” X 3 ½” pumpkin seed is smooth and has a clear finish.  Jennewin Collection, 1989:179:013-015. #WhatsNewWednesday #CowboyArt #Carved #Apple