This fancy cup dates back to the 1830s/40s. It was most likely a trophy from a fair and brought to South Dakota when the original owner settled here. The front features images of farm tools between a woman churning butter and a man with a hat. A farm scene with cows is depicted below the tools. A poem about the virtues of farming is on the opposite side. A garland of hops runs around the inside of the rim.

“Let the wealthy and great
roll in splendor and state
I envy them not, I declare it 
I eat my own lamb
My own chickens and ham
I shear my own fleece and wear it
I have lawns, I have bowers
I have fruits, I have flowers
The lark is my morning alarmer
So jolly boys now
Here’s God speed the plough
Long life and success to the farmer”
trophy obverse

Donated by: Jan and Robert Walz (1982:040:001)

trophy reverse

Donated by: Jan and Robert Walz (1982:040:001)