South Dakota Online Archives

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South Dakota State Library Online South Dakota Resources *

An online database provided by the South Dakota State Library aiding in research related to the state of South Dakota. This database contains regionally specific data sources, newspaper indexes, online publications, maps, and many more useful resources.

South Dakota Digital Archives *

South Dakota Digital Archives is an online archive containing photo collections, manuscript collections, and government documents since 1891. All of the documents are digitized, and the photo collection would serve as a great starting point for a project or classroom lesson.

South Dakota State Historical Society *

The South Dakota State Historical Society’s online digital archives contains numerous South Dakota newspapers dating back to 1880. Access is limited in some aspects to certain issues or days of the week.

South Dakota State University Manuscript Archives *

Manuscript collections come from a variety of sources. Collections range from rural life in South Dakota to papers of alumni. Much of the collection offers significant insight into South Dakota and the surrounding region. The primary focus of this collection is twentieth century rural South Dakota. Much of this information comes from papers, records, and published papers that have been acquired from personal papers, businesses and communities.

Northern State University Library Archives & Special Collections *

Norther State University’s Digital Collections contains digitized primary sources materials such as newspapers, photos, and oral histories pertaining to South Dakota in the 19th and 20th century. Paper topics range from issues regarding South Dakota water rights to the effect Russian-German immigrant had on the state in the 19th century. Much of this information comes from newspapers, photos and personal stories.

Association of South Dakota Museums*

The Association of South Dakota Museums website contains listings for all South Dakota Museums. Use this site to locate museum archives and resources across the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota Legends & Learning *

Created by the South Dakota Hall of Fame, South Dakota Legends & Learning is an online resource that educates users on famous South Dakotans. Students can read bios and listen and view various types of media, as well as play online games that further immerse them in their research and classroom experience. Teacher resources are also available, showing how to utilize the website within current education standards.

Hall Of Fame Inductees Online Archive *

South Dakota Hall of fame offers an online archive of biographies of individuals who have shaped the fabric and culture of South Dakota. The site offers a directory for users to utilize to search various notable South Dakotans.


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