School Loan Kits

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The Museum has a limited number of school loan kits available for rental.  Use of the kit is free, we ask that you pay for one way shipping or pick the kit up at the museum. We also require a loan agreement to be signed, detailing how long the kit is on loan, and when it should be returned to the museum.

Available Kits:

  • South Dakota’s First Farmers- This kit was designed by Native students and faculty and describes American Indian farming traditions in the upper Great Plains.  The kit comes with objects that can be handled, lessons, and background information for teachers, and photographs.  The kit was developed to be used with 4th grade, yet can be adapted for use with other grades.


  • WWII Textiles – This kit was developed to be used with high schoolers, but can be adapted for use with other grades. This kit explores different ways textiles were used in WWII. It contains a military helmet, US Flag, military blanket, military jacket, and other textile examples for students to handle. The kit also comes with a binder containing teaching aids, information on each item, historic photographs, and optional activities. This particular school loan kit is very heavy, making shipping quite expensive. We recommend an in-person pickup.

To request a school loan kit please contact our Museum Education Coordinator Jess Burke at