Election Buttons

Election Day is right around the corner! Here are a few presidential campaign memories. Within the museum’s collection is a set of 36 reproduction campaign buttons. Representing presidential campaigns from 1896-1968.  The donor is unknown, yet they are an interesting bit of memorabilia.  Printed on the edge of each button is “Kleenex ’68.” Forty-eight years ago, Kleenex Tissues produced this set of 36 pin back buttons as a teaching aide for educators. The buttons came with a booklet in which to pin them and information about each campaign.

Top row l-r: Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1940 (78:15:455:23) and Harry Truman, 1948 (78:15:455:27). Middle row 1-r: Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952 (78:15:455:29), John F. Kennedy, 1960 (78:15:455:33), and Franklin Roosevelt/Harry Truman, 1944 (78:15:455:25).   Bottom row l-r: Richard M. Nixon/Henry Cabot Lodge, 1960 (78:15:455:34, and Lyndon Johnson/Hubert Humphrey, 1964 (78:15:455:36.)

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