FFA Emblem


Phillip E. Plumart, former South Dakota State University Poultry Science Dept. employee, donated this This Future Farmers of America (FFA) patch. He was a member of FFA in high school in the 1940’s.

According to the National FFA, elements of the emblem symbolizes the history and future of agriculture. The cross section of the ear of corn is a symbol of unity since corn is grown in every state of the nation. The rising sun signifies progress and holds the promise that tomorrow will bring a new day of opportunity. The plow is a symbol of labor and tillage of the soil, the back bone of agriculture. The eagle is a national symbol and represents American freedom and the ability to explore new horizons in agriculture. The owl symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The emblem has remained pretty consistent over the course of the FFA’s over eighty year history apart from the name change from vocational to agricultural on the top of the emblem and agricultural to educational on the bottom part of the emblem.