Hobo Day and the Bummobile

90 147 1155Students riding in the Bummobile in a Hobo Day Parade, circa 1950. (Photo Accession No. 90 147 1155)

Happy Hobo Week! South Dakota State University, along with the Brookings community, has a very rich and unique homecoming tradition. Known as Hobo Day, its origins date back to 1907. The annual event has evolved over the years to include the traditions we love today.

One icon of Hobo Day is the Bummobile. Donated by Frank Weigel in 1938, the 1912 Model T Ford is used by school royalty during the Hobo Day Parade. It can also be seen during various school events throughout the year. When not in use, the automobile is on display in the Student Union in its own gallery.

To read more about the history of the Bummobile check out this article “written” by the car itself! http://www.sdstate.edu/news/2013/09/bummobile-says-new-quarters-fit-t-and-calls-hobo-day-favorite-time