Hobo Day Parade

Even though we are an agricultural museum, our collection contains many different types of non-ag collections as well. Here is photo from the Hobo Day of 1922 showing the College of Pharmacy’s float for the parade (float is in the middle). In the days when elaborate floats were a staple of the Hobo Day parade, the College of Pharmacy at SDSU were the perennial winners of best float in contest. The Hobo Day parade started with the orgnial Hobo Day in 1912. Overtime, the student and organization made-floats became so enormous that they were forced to be changed. Some of the floats included students driving their own stunt or “hobomobiles” like cars made out of two-by-fours with couches, old windmills, outhouses, etc; during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
The parade is ended by the Grand Pooba riding on the historic Bummobile. The Grand Pooba is the title of the person who is head of the Hobo Day Committee. He or she is a member of and is chosen by the UPC. Philip H. Von Fischer, in 1951, was the first. Ann (Kratochvil) Holzhauser, in 1982, was the first woman.