Joseph Gladden Hutton Donation

professor-huttonAbout a month ago we received a large donation of Joseph Gladden Hutton’s belongings from his grandchildren. Our Collections Coordinator, Carrie, has been busy sorting and cataloging the donation with the help of student interns.

Joseph Gladden Hutton was a professor of Agronomy in charge of soil investigations at South Dakota State College from 1911 until 1939.  He came to South Dakota State College after earning his Masters of Science in Geology from the University of Illinois in 1910.

The United States government assigned Professor Hutton the task of instituting the South Dakota Soil Conservation Service, Region 9 (Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming). He served as the director of the State Soil Survey doing many years of research about soil erosion and Dust Bowl land restoration.

hutton-poem-bookWhen he was not involved with soils research, Hutton was writing poetry, essays, and items of human interest. He had poetry published in various magazines, newspapers, and in Pasque Petals, the official publication of the South Dakota Poetry Society. Emilie Hutton, his wife, published and copyrighted “Soil and Soul” in 1940. This small book is a compilation of 48 of his poems.