Leland Sudlow – Throwback Thursday

For this week’s Throwback Thursday feature, we have this image of seaman, first class, USN Leland Sudlow while he was in the Navy. Leland operated an offset printing press aboard the flagship USS Taconic, which participated in Exercise Seminole, an amphibious landing made by units of the Atlantic Fleet on the coast of Florida.  Leland served as a printer in the U.S. Navy from 1946-1948.

Leland (Lee) Sudlow was born January 19, 1928, and raised in Bison, SD.  He grew up on his parents’ farm and worked in the local newspaper they operated, the Bison Courier.  He served as a printer in the Navy for two years before attending South Dakota State to study Printing and Journalism.  A few months after starting at South Dakota Extension, he met the State Extension Music Specialist, Adele Clark, while taking her picture.  He married Adele in October 1953 and the couple had three children together.

Lee worked as a Visual Aids Specialist in South Dakota extension for 38 years, from 1952-1990.  Known for his witty humor and engaging personality, Lee was the primary photographer during this time.  Lee traveled throughout South Dakota taking pictures and accompanying traveling exhibits developed by the Visual Aids department.  He started the State 4-H Photography Project in 1967, a highly popular program that still exists today.  Lee was especially proud of his involvement with Western Junior Livestock Show and 4-H and received honors for his years of service to both.  Lee retired on May 31, 1990, with South Dakota Governor George Mickelson declaring it “Leland Sudlow Day.”

Inspired by Lee’s photography and career, the exhibit Through Leland Sudlow’s Lens: 40 years of Extension Service History is a visual history of the South Dakota Extension Service from the 1950s through the 1980s. The exhibit documents the programs offered by Extension, the people they impacted, and how Extension changed with the times. This exhibit is on display ONLY until February 29th! So if you haven’t come to visit the exhibit yet, do so soon!