Under the Microscope


German company, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, manufactured microscopes and scientific instruments.  The microscope’s innovative lighting and optics made these a specialty after WWI.  They were produced for biomedical as well as industrial purposes, including mineralogy.  From this company, the Leica camera and lenses were born, developing the first camera that would shoot landscape photography on 35 mm film.

The simple microscope pictured has a single reflective mirror to focus light on the specimen being observed.  Engraved on the brass eyepiece is “Ernst Lietz Wetzlar No. 215660”.  This particular microscope, as signified with the engraved plaque “Zool Dept 53”,  was used at South Dakota State College between 1900 and 1930.

1981:032:001, South Dakota State University Biology Department.