Pounce Box

A well furnished desk-set would include an ink well, pens, a small tray and a sand shaker- more properly termed a pounce box (pictured above).  Pounce, a fine powder of ground cuttlefish bones, is sprinkled as a fine layer over the paper prior to writing.  Using a steel nib pen or a quill and ink, the writing then dries within a few seconds.  Excess pounce is shaken off and funneled back into the pounce box to be used again!  All this prevents the ink from blotting once the document is folded.  Well sized (coated) modern paper did away with the need to “sand” documents.

David and Kay Jensen, 1979:055:007. #WhatsNewWednesday #PounceBox #Sanding #Stationary #Paper #Antique