Professor Hutton Scrapbook

We told you a couple weeks ago about the donation we received from the grandchildren of Professor Joseph Gladden Hutton. In the piles of papers, photos, etc., our Collections Coordinator, Carrie, came across this wonderful scrapbook. It is full of various black and white photos taken by Professor Hutton. Many of the photos show barren land covered in sand during the Dust Bowl.

Professor Hutton was a renaissance man.  He did scientific research, wrote poetry, and had a genuine talent when it came to photography.  He documented geological formations around the United States, the effects of the Dust Bowl in South Dakota, SDSC Hobo Day, and other SDSC landscapes and events.  He had a good eye for composition and his technical execution of the photographs was excellent.  His pictures, taken between the 1890s and 1930s tell clear stories and are crisp, clear images.

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