SDSU Now Offering a Museum Minor

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Program Information
Museum Studies in an interdisciplinary minor program providing students with a strong background in the preservation and presentation of cultural materials and artifacts, as well as communication, design, and management skills. It will prepare them for entry level jobs in museums, cultural organizations, historical sites, and for graduate study in the discipline of Museum Studies or in other fields including art history, children’s educational programming, the chemical and biological sciences involved with materials preservation, management of non-profits, electronic and multi-media design.

Program Goals
As a result of completing the minor in Museum Studies, students will:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with museum professions, practices, and management.
  • Integrate design and communication skills for effective exhibits and interpretations.
  • Understand the contexts and uses of cultural and natural objects.
  • Develop knowledge of the legal, ethical, and social responsibilities of museums as educational institutions.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the technical aspects of museum work, including the care and management of collections, technology applications, and disaster preparedness.

Academic Requirements
Eighteen hours with a “C” or better in each course are required for the minor.

Students will select a concentration of nine credits for more focused experience in specific areas of interest: Art and Design; Early Childhood Programming; Natural History/Gardens; American Indian History and Culture; and Agricultural Preservation.

Program Coordinator/Contact
College of Arts and Sciences
Wagner Hall 251

Museum Minor Flyer (Print Version)