Star Rat Trap

For this week’s What’s New Wednesday, here is an interesting object from our collections. It is a L-shaped rat trap. It has a wood base with metal spring with a bow and locking bar. This trap is definitely for a large “rat” and not a small field mouse. On the upright piece is a white paper label with black printing that reads: ” ‘Star’ Rat Trap” from Erie, Pennsylvania. The item was donated by Dennis Parker of Arlington, SD.
Fun Fact: Did you know there are two museums in the world dedicated to mouse traps? The Trap Museum, Galloway, Ohio and The Mouse Trap Museum, Neroth, Vulkaneifel, Germany. There are also several other museums with large collections of mouse traps, but aren’t exclusively about them. Including this mouse trap, the Ag Heritage Museum has a couple very unique mouse traps in our collections, including one that was patented in South Dakota.

Paper reads: "Star Rat Trap. Manufactured by Lovell Mfg. Co., Erie, PA, USA"

The label reads: “Star Rat Trap. Manufactured by Lovell Mfg. Co., Erie, PA, USA”