The Original South Dakota Campanile Stone

128 years ago today, Nov 2, 1889, South Dakota became a state!

In honor of South Dakota’s birthday, we have decided to share the story behind one of our collection items, the original South Dakota Campanile Stone.

This stone used to be a part of the South Dakota State University Campanile prior to its replacement in 2001 due to a discovered error in the engraving. For many years though the stone was a part of the original Campanile structure, and listed February 22, 1889, as the year South Dakota gained its statehood. This is not correct though, with February 22 actually marking the passing of the Enabling Bill which split The Dakota Territory into two states, North Dakota and South Dakota. This bill did not grant full admission into the Union though.  It would not be until 9 months later that South Dakota would be officially adopted into the Union as a state under a proclamation signed by President Benjamin Harrison.