Vintage Glassware


Depression ware, a subset of Uranium glass, is highly collectible and can be found in a rainbow of clear and opaque colors.  Food manufacturers and producers used to hide pieces in boxes of food as an incentive to purchase during the Great Depression.  More than 20 manufacturers produced over 100 patterns in green, pink, amber, blue, and clear glass.  The pretty and inexpensive kitchenware was used by many in the early 20th century despite its marginal quality.  This covered butter dish is a crystal green, Block Optik pattern made made by Hocking Glass in Lancaster, OH.  The dish has 4 small feet on the bottom as well.

1985:059:004, John Awald. #WhatsNewWednesday #WNW #VintageGlassware #DepressionGlass #ButterDish #Green