Weed Identification Poster

For this week’s Throwback Thursday photo, here is an image from the Sudlow Collection. It is of Lake County Weed supervisor Elmer Slack (left) and Assistant State Weed Supervisor Dean Martin (right) looking at a weed identification poster.

County agents and specialists used visual models like this because they were easy to transport and clearly displayed important information. Weed specialists and county agents held meetings that discussed sprayer use, chemical application rates, and time of application.  Weed identification slides were developed for agents to use at these meetings.  Since many weed problems required information for a specific situation, producers received consultation via phone, office meetings, correspondence, and field visits.

Inspired by Leland Sudlow’s photography and career, the exhibit Through Leland Sudlow’s Lens: 40 years of Extension Service History is a visual history of the South Dakota Extension Service from the 1950s through the 1980s. Leland Sudlow captured on film the moments that made South Dakota Extension Service an office of people helping people. The exhibit documents the programs offered by Extension, the people they impacted, and how Extension changed with the times. The exhibit is open now through the end of February. There will also be several programs about the extension service throughout the exhibit’s opening. Check back to our website for details on those programs!

Donated by the Department of Agricultural Communications, SDSU, Sudlow Collection 90:106  4-18-16 14043