Wooden Beer Barrel

In 1893 four major breweries in Minneapolis merged to become the Minneapolis Brewing and Malting Company. This company produced a line of beers under the trademark Golden Grain Belt Beer. The large brewery grew to include their own repair shop, cooperage, and livery. When Prohibition went into effect in 1920 the company produced malt syrup, soft drinks, and near beer (beer with less than .5% of alcohol). The brewery ultimately closed in 1976 due to high competition.

This wooden beer keg from the Minneapolis Brewing Company has ‘MPLS BrG. Co’ carved around the rim. It measures 15.5″ tall and 19″ in diameter. Circa 1893-1976. Notice the circular hole in the center on the back? Stay tuned for next week’s #WhatsNewWednesday to find out more about it.

keg obverse keg reverse